Investment Solutions

UBS AG provides a daily secondary market, with trading hours from 09:15 – 17:15 (CET).

Pricing and trading information:

Note, even though the secondary market is provided throughout the day, most portfolio instruments are traded starting at 3.30pm Swiss time / 9.30AM ET.

Rational Invest AG therefore advises any interested investors to preferably trade the certificates later in the afternoon (from 3.30pm) when underlying portfolio instruments are also traded.

Alternatively, orders for larger sizes can be placed for ‘NAV at close’ each trading day.

To buy or sell certificates, simply place your orders through your bank or wealth manager with the information given below:

  • Identification: ISIN CH0284316327 / Valor 28431632
  • Denomination: USD 1’000.-
  • Minimum trading lot: 1 Unit
  • Settlement: T+2
  • Link to UBS KeyInvest
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