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Key Facts

NameStrategy Certificates linked to the Enhanced Permanent Portfolio Strategy Basket
Issuer / RatingUBS AG, Zurich / A2 (Moody’s) / A (S&P) / A (Fitch)
Calculation AgentUBS AG, London Branch
Reference Portfolio AdvisorRational Invest AG, Zurich
Product ProfileTracker Certificates (SVSP-Code: 1300)
Security NumbersValor 28431632 / ISIN CH0284316327
Issue Price / DenominationUSD 1000 / 1 Unit
Maturity7 years (with possible extension)
Launch Date22 June 2015
Subscription PeriodUntil 30 June 2015, 15:00 CET
Pricing Date1 July 2015
Issue/Payment Date 8 July 2015
Trading / Secondary MarketDaily, UBS facilitates a daily secondary market with trading hours from 09.15 a.m. – 05.15 p.m. (Zurich time)
FeesPortfolio Advisor: 1.50% p.a. (accrued daily)
Issuer: 0.5% p.a. (accrued daily)
Rebalancing fees (charged by calculation agent):
0.1% on notional rebalanced, above USD 15 Mio. 0.05%
Public OfferingSwitzerland
Currency HedgingThe Certificates and the majority of portfolio instruments are denominated in USD. Investors, whose home currency is not USD, are therefore advised to consider hedging the USD exposure against their home currency.
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